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Mobile Websites

Looking for an edge over your competition?  Most businesses now have a website, but the majority of them are only designed for desktop and laptop computers.

Here are a few stats from Neilsen, RBC Capital Markets, and Morgan Stanley:

•2012 has seen a 55% increase in smartphone subscriptions – making over 98 million smartphone users in the U.S. alone
•Smartphone sales have topped PC sales two years earlier than expected
•QR Code scans increased 300% in 2011
•Local searches done on mobile devices have grown to 61%
•59% of people will visit a business in person after locating it on their mobile device

The fact is that most business websites are not setup to perform well on mobile devices. If a potential customer visits your website on their mobile phone what will they see?  Horizontal scroll bars, tiny text, and menus that are hard to press are among some of the most annoyances your customers will face if you do not have a website that optimized for mobile devices.Zicro can help you with this problem and present you website visitors with easy navigation and buttons that work without all of those dreadful scroll bars.

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